An Appalling Debacle

Some years ago, I wrote about the first contested presidential election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson that the campaign was so dirty that to set the bar for future campaigns any lower, you would have to dig a hole. Last night in Cleveland, Donald Trump and Joe Biden dug a pit and kept on digging for over 90 minutes.  The “crapshow”, as one of my NET3D colleagues aptly described it, was an appalling debacle. I have been trying to come up with something positive to say about either man’s performance, and I’m simply unable.  The thought that kept running … Continue reading An Appalling Debacle

There’s Always Plagiarism

Rats!  You know what you want to say, can’t quite figure out how to say it, and somebody smarter than you beats you to it.  Oh, well, there’s always plagiarism. Jim Geraghty of National Review, whose beat is politics and who writes the Morning Jolt newsletter, entitled a segment of a recent Morning Jolt “Ninety-Five Theses, Nailed to the Door of Cable News”.  Read it, and read the blogpost upon which it is based.  Go on, I can wait. No one would mistake Geraghty or the magazine he writes for as anything but conservative, and Geraghty himself is a … Continue reading There’s Always Plagiarism

And the answer is?

There are always questions which require answers. And, since most major newspapers have questions they ask their readers on a weekly basis—those requiring thoroughly thought-provoking answers and not asinine replies as often happens locally—NET3D, while certainly not wanting to take any thunder away from those other Tri-Cities Tennessee publications, is today, posing one important question for all our readers and devoted followers. The only requirement is to critically think before replying. However, before the question is posed, please think about the following. According to the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, “In 1954, national testing began on one million children, ages … Continue reading And the answer is?

Biden’s Case Against…Biden

NET3D readers, if you’ll allow me a moment of personal privilege. I recently started a new job writing and editing for New Right Network (which I invite you to check out and subscribe to the newsletter or NRN+ site if you’d like. You’ll also find us on social media @ New Right Network). I’m not going anywhere, so you’re stuck with my continued wit and charm (as well as my good-natured modesty) here on NET3D. With my colleagues’ blessings, I may share things I’ve written over at NRN now and then. This is one they thought I should pass along … Continue reading Biden’s Case Against…Biden

Random Thoughts, Dazed and Confused Edition

Passing Passing for white used to be a thing, (sadly) understandable in the days of Jim Crow and near-universal racial prejudice, when a “single drop of black blood” could change one’s future for the worse, closing off most opportunity for education, advancement outside the ghettoized black community, and achieving financial well-being.  So what to make of people like Rachel Dolezal a few years ago, and this woman, who for years passed as black: I just don’t understand.  Institutionalized, legally-sanctioned and/or socially-imposed racial discrimination was almost extinguished well over 50 years ago, and American society has worked diligently to stamp … Continue reading Random Thoughts, Dazed and Confused Edition

Endorsements? No. Predictions? Maybe. Too close to call? Probably. However, let’s see

In just four more days, it will all be over. The daily campaign flyers that flooded the mailboxes and quickly found their way into the trashcan will suddenly disappear, as if by magic. I’m relatively certain those who pick up your trash on a weekly basis will be happy, too. Thankfully, those 30-second television campaign ads will also dry up and viewers will once again get to hear those other 30-second obnoxious commercials that flood the airwaves. You know the ones. “Ya gotta get to . . . ;” “We want to see you in a car;” a miracle non-toxic … Continue reading Endorsements? No. Predictions? Maybe. Too close to call? Probably. However, let’s see

Taking the Hit

Long after the passions of the moment pass, the history of the Covid-19 pandemic is going to be written, and it won’t be pleasant or ennobling.  The Chinese government will come off as villainous; it brazenly lied about what it knew was happening, then attempted to obfuscate the situation, then attempted to blame other nations.  The World Health Organization allowed the Chinese to lead it around by the nose and raised the alarm far too late; worse than useless, it helped create the disaster.  Only a handful of countries acted in time to effectively quash the illness, and they had … Continue reading Taking the Hit

Campaign Negativity: Make. It. Stop.

Can we just stop all the negativity already? Every day, I trudge to the mailbox in the scorching heat and pull out a handful of political ads. Recently, most of them have been ugly…and I don’t mean the candidate photos. Negative campaign ads are certainly nothing new and they ramp up every election year near the primary and general elections. I rarely watch television, so I miss the negative commercials candidates spend millions to run. But between mailers, social media and ads, they have plenty of opportunities to tell us why we shouldn’t vote for their opponents; I just want … Continue reading Campaign Negativity: Make. It. Stop.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Tennessee Political Engines”

With so much going on around us—physical distancing, wearing masks and a multitude of other Covid-19 related issues, including your agenda-driven news media’s agendas— it is becoming increasingly difficult these days to stay focused on all the issues at hand. And, that’s especially true when thinking about Tennessee politics. Early voting is now underway and runs through August 1. For those who are not taking advantage of early voting, a reminder that Election Day for federal, state and county general primaries is Thursday, August 6. Voters are now concentrating on choosing a viable candidate for several races; however, before introducing … Continue reading “Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Tennessee Political Engines”